“The greatest power we have is the power of choice.” Victor Oarachin

The choice is always yours. This site exists mainly to provide tools and support so that, however wise a choice-maker you already are, your  choice process may become easier and more successful. That is my goal. It also introduces you to Diana as “the coach of choice” and her  specialization of life coaching in terms of how we make choices.


Hi! I am Diana Gardner Robinson, sometimes known as the Coach of Choice, and this is my website. Why do I choose to focus an entire website on “choice”? It is by our choices that we steer our way through the rest of our lives. Some people are already supremely wise in their choices. Others, for any of many reasons, sometimes have difficulty in making wise choices. Saddly, hhey and those close to them often suffer as a result. I am here walk beside those who would like to improve  their choice-making skills.

Un-daunting the daunted

Whatever is happening in our lives, choices are a part of it. Even when we believe that we have no choice, we can choose how we will react to that situation, which may make a big difference to how we feel, and how well we move forward when the time comes. Some situations are so trivial that we don’t even see them as choices. Others may take some serious thought. Occasionally, we are faced with a choice that may be truly life-changing. Whether for good or not, that is when choice-making may become paralyzingly scary. If you feel daunted by the idea of focusing on choice, then perhaps I am the coach to help you to un-daunt yourself. Choice can mean freedom if and when we approach it the right way… which is what this website is about.

On the pages that follow I write about several concepts that relate to choice in one way or another. Some make choice-making easier. Some make it more difficult, and I address ways to perhaps deal with that.

There are several ways that you can learn more (already choices! LOL). You can…

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I’d love to accompany you on your journey.

(And in case you were wondering, it is not the role of a coach to tell people what choices to make. It is the role of a coach to help people to discover what their options are, and to gain the confidence that will enable them to make their own decisions.)

Be well, enjoy your choices, and contact me if you think I can help!


(Diana Gardner Robinson, Ph.D.)
The Coach of Choice!
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