My coaching style


With your coaching style, you have given me new skills for now and for the future. You have masterfully given those skills to me in a friendly, compassionate way, as not to overwhelm me or scare me away. A client

When you hire a coach you are not giving up control of your life, you are taking control. Effective coaches work with you to develop your decision-making abilities, to find the answers that are within your, and to help you to take control of your own life.

How I coach

Some people imagine that a Life Coach is someone who will tell you how to live, what to do, and where to go. That is NOT what I believe is right, and it is certainly NOT how I was trained to coach! While there are, perhaps, one or two coaches who take that approach, I, like most coaches, believe that the client is the expert on the client’s life. I believe that my job as a coach is to help my clients to tap into the wisdom that they already have, even if they have not yet met it. I do this by asking questions, listening, and asking more questions based on the client’s goals.

I empower my clients by reminding them of their strengths, encouraging them in their dreams, and telling them the truth whether the truth is or is not hard. Before we start our coaching process I always ask my clients how they want to be coached. Do they want gentle encouragement, or do they seek something stronger and more challenging? Some people need to talk at length because, as someone once put it, “I need to hear what I say so that I can know what I think.” (I call this “Confidante Coaching.) Others seek more active interaction. I try to provide whatever is their preference.

My most popular coaching process involves three 30-45 minute phone calls each calendar month, reasonable email correspondence between calls if needed, and what I call “triumph or tragedy” calls, brief phone calls to deal with crises or to celebrate successes.

However, central to my coaching is flexibility appropriate for each specific client, and I have found that coaching face-to-face can work for people local to Rochester, New York in the U.S.A. Another alternative is email coaching. This can also work very effectively. Not only does it remove the need for regularly scheduled appointments, but it also greatly lowers the cost to the client.

When was the last time you got 30-40 FREE minutes to talk about YOU and only you? Give yourself the gift of a half-hour of free coaching by phone, with the focus being entirely on YOU, on your dreams and how to attain them, on your obstacles and how to overcome them. My promise to you: No sales pitch, no obligation, no pesky follow-ups. To request your free coaching call now, click here.

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