“You don’t live, choose, or manage your life in a vacuum. It happens in a context called the world” Phillip C. McGraw

The quote above almost says it all. We do not make choices in a vacuum. In order to be wise choice-makers we need to take notice of many aspects of our lives before we make a final choice on anything of importance. Why are we choosing? how do we hope to benefit from the choice? Where will it take us, when do we have to make the choice (is there a deadline, are we being pressured to choose one way or another)? Who will be affected and how – and how much are we concerned about that?

What in the environment may affect us? Are we choosing more to go toward something, or are we choosing that because we are choosing to move away from something? What are the pluses and minuses of doing it? Of not doing it?

Be careful of getting into an “either/or” state of mind. Sometimes we can bring about a synthesis of both A and B and get the best of both. (Remember, though, that this does not normally apply when we are choosing a life-partner. In such situations, it really needs to be A OR B. Attempts at having both usually end in disaster.)

Sometimes we need someone else to remind us of all that needs to be taken into account in our wise choice-making. Family and friends may be of great help in this… or they may have their own agendas that do not necessarily coincide with yours. A free coaching call with Diana may help you to clarify your choice-making process.

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