U play a part in who I am becoming. A big part… A client

Some comments that clients have made to and about Diana and her coaching…

I (Diana) am honored that people have spoken so highly of me. These testimonials are shared to give you an idea of the kind of results, and the feelings that have been reported after working with me for a while… maybe a month or two, maybe far longer, for I do what works for each person individually.


 I’m much more aware of what motivates me now, and why I make the choices I make.
I have enjoyed four promotions, and I am earning almost 50% more than I was when I took that first leap [of hiring Diana as her coach]. Investing in personal coaching was the smartest decision I’ve ever made!
Most of all, you have taught me to appreciate and value myself by offering me your free and unconditional acceptance, compassion, validation and support. There is nothing more energizing and empowering for me than to be fully understood.
I love our coaching sessions together. Here’s why: Extremely intuitive, Creative, articulate, motivating, superb listening, very thoughtful, empowering, Ability to listen to the client’s words and hear what’s happening inside the client — things that the client may not be aware of. Resourceful — providing all kinds of email support in just about anything the client requestsfrom web advice to networking top tens.
I have become more willing to change and grow, more able to be, do, get and give what I want, by choice, effortlessly and with passion. Life is good and fun this way.
Due to your support and guidance I am having a better life. I have implemented more family time and hobbies which are truly more fulfilling. Your support, knowledge and resources have been incredible.
My support from you also doesn’t end when the coaching session is over. I am very appreciative of how generous you are in your availability for responses to issues between coaching sessions via email.
I greatly benefited from your help! Thank you so much for helping me walk back towards the land of the living!
It’s wonderful working with someone who really understands my intuitiveness and deep spirituality and can accommodate that.
Your words of wisdom have helped me get through some pretty tough times these past few months.