Why Hire a Coach



There are as many reasons for seeking a coach as there are clients and coaches. Some typical reasons include:

•          To become better organized.

•          To get the unimportant but time-consuming trivia out of the way so as to focus more time and energy onwhat is truly important .

•          To develop the self-presentation skills that allow a job well done to be better noticed and appreciated by supervisors and others in the work hierarchy.

•          To develop better “road maps” at important choice-points in the client’s life.

•          To get a source of confidential support through times of turmoil and transition.

•          To access an objective view and wider perspective upon life. Feedback from someone who can be objective about you and your life may present a different and unbiased view from the one you have grown up with.

•          To focus on spiritual growth, if that is your interest. For some, spiritual growth is seen as the ultimate success strategy.

•          To obtain help in surviving office politics and in improving relationships with colleagues. (Often, for these people, the key to success is learning clear and honest communication skills. )

When you hire a coach you are not giving up control of your life, you are taking control. Effective coaches work with you to develop your decision-making abilities, to find the answers that are within your, and to help you to take control of your own life.

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