Creativity – A New Source of Inspiration


A New (to me) Source of Creative Ideas

Today I found a new source of inspiration for creativity that lit up my thinking so much that I want to share it with you. Although I studied creativity for my doctorate degree, there is always more to learn. I know from experience that creativity may feel reluctant to sparkle when life is getting in the way. For me, that happens particularly at this time of year, perhaps as a result of seasonal affective disorder. My thinking slows to a snail’s pace just as I want it to gear up in advance of the New Year.

I was searching for some graphics for a new version of my website. My goal was to find some illustrations relating to choice, because I will soon be going back to my original domain name of for this website. (Regular viewers may notice changes already, and there are many more to come. If my plans work out, what you see in early December will not be what visitors will see by January 1.)

As I began to browse through the many thousands of choice-related graphics that might or might not work for me, I started to think about their varying messages about choice, and away my mind went… Within minutes I was writing notes about ways that people have difficulty with choice, ways I could look at choice, ways I could write about it… I almost (but not quite) forgot to make my selections of possible images because I was so busy writing notes.

An idea for you

It’s just a thought, just a suggestion for any time you are looking for something to spark creative ways of thinking about any specific topic. You can find more graphics than you ever imaged if you go to one of the many graphics sources. I’m including a few below but a search on “graphics sources” will show even more. Simply enter the topic you are trying to think about in their search box, and browse through what they have to offer. It does not cost to look, although if you decide to download something there may or may not be a fee, depending on what site you are perusing.

And I hope you will enjoy whichever of the holidays may be a part of your life, from the many that are celebrated around the world at this time of year, up to and including the secular New Year on January 1. And that includes my New Zealand cousins, who often celebrate Christmas in the sun, on the beach.



A very small sampling, without recommendations, of the many internet sources of graphics:



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