Unexpected Beauty


Yesterday I looked at something, saw intense beauty, and was so moved that, though I was alone, I said out loud, “I wish that everyone could see that.” The beauty was so intense that I could feel the awe in my gut. Small, very small, but amazing. I SO much wanted to share. But it is not possible. Strangely, the blessing of the beauty was a result of a physical problem, so that not even a camera could duplicate what I was perceiving.

You see, as a “mature age“ human being I have cataracts in both eyes. They are not yet sufficiently advanced that they can be removed, but they do affect my vision. I was looking at the miniature Christmas tree that I had adorned with a small string of lights. I know that those lights are plain old light bulbs of different colors. Pretty, but not unusual. With my glasses on I see a small halo around each bulb – interesting, but not amazing. Without my “corrective” glasses, though… WOW! Every light bulb becomes a blazing star of color, surrounded by a glowing halo. It is so hugely beautiful that I ache to share it… and there is no way to do that, I can only share it as it is, not as I saw it.

Except… if you are of an age and visual situation in which you see car lights as having halos, I would urge you to take off your glasses as you look at the lights on a Christmas tree, a menorah, perhaps even a simple candle flame. Look, and I hope you will see the beauty that I am seeing/ If you do – enjoy!

I guess that even things that we frequently regard as a nuisance, as something that will eventually call for surgery, something that prevents us from seeing fine detail, or being able to read menus without our glasses… even those things can offer benefits. Thinking back over quite a few years I do not remember being as awed by beauty, even some amazing sunsets in Arizona, as I was by the sight of those glowing “stars.”

Life offers blessings even when we do not expect them. Be sure to relish yours when they arrive.

(But remember where you put your glasses!)


Last night, we in the northern hemisphere experienced our longest night of the year. Today, daylight will last a fraction longer than yesterday. By Sunday, the increasing light will be apparent to most of us. The light is “returning.”

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